Bass Guitar Mag UK Feature!

[zephyr_dropcaps style="withbg" firstcolor="#333333" bgcolor=""]Y[/zephyr_dropcaps]o. What's up? Hellloooo 2015. I've been absent from the online world recently. Kind of a sabbatical if you will. First things first: Major awesomeness went down in the December issue of Bass Guitar Magazine UK! I am honored to be featured in this magazine. The article as it appeared in the magazine is below and is now up online here

I'm still bugging out about this and am beyond floored. As a teenager, I would splurge $10 at Borders for this gem of a magazine from across the pond. It's kind of surreal to see myself staring back at me from it. Special thanks to Kenny and the DJ UMC crew on this one.

In other news, this blog finally got a purdy update and now regular posts will be a thing finally! Stay tuned for more music stuff, Brooklyn life, and some quirky randomness thrown in.

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