Five Fav Things Friday 2.20.15

[zephyr_dropcaps style="withbg" firstcolor="#333333" bgcolor=""]Five of some of my favorite things I've heard, seen or done this week:[/zephyr_dropcaps] [zephyr_chapter number="1" title="D'Angelo & The Vanguard on SNL" bgimg="" bgcolor="#40cec9"]I don't watch SNL anymore but heard one of my favorite bassists Pino Palladino was playing with D'Angelo and so I had to check it out. I'm digging the whole George Clinton P-Funk vibe of this performance. Granted, this is not Pino's most complex bass performance but it is tasty. On top of that you have these talented vocals and some nice live string pads. The outfits are pretty badass too ;)[/zephyr_chapter]

[zephyr_chapter number="2" title="Jame's Altucher's FB Post: 10 THINGS I LEARN FROM RICHARD BRANSON" bgimg="" bgcolor="#40cec9"]I'm going to have to do a whole post on James Altucher - he's been a game changer for me. He's a unique writer, blogger, entrepreneur, and his podcasts are mind bending. This post/article is a long one but a must read because there's so many golden nuggets of  wisdom dropped in. [/zephyr_chapter]

[zephyr_chapter number="3" title="Ice T Final Level Podcast Episode 13" bgimg="" bgcolor="#40cec9"]Speaking of James Altucher and podcasts, I recently realized that #1 Ice T has his own podcast (!)  and #2  the aforementioned James Altucher is a guest on Episode 13 entitled "The Mindset of Success with James Altucher". Ice T is such a great host and his interview with James is totally unexpected and so insightful. I had to pause it multiple times to take notes. My favorite quote by James in this interview is "Stress will never, ever solve tomorrow's problems, but it will always take away your energy today." I love that even Ice and Mick (cohost) were blown away too. [/zephyr_chapter]

[zephyr_chapter number="4" title="Blood Orange Bourbon Smash with Spicy Vanilla Sugar" bgimg="" bgcolor="#40cec9"]imageI haven't been much of a big bourbon fan until I made these for the hubs last weekend on Valentines Day. They're weirdly awesome. Plus you get the added bonus of all that vitamin c which is soooo necessary for this time of year. That's right, drink up for your immune system folks :P Recipe and pic from How Sweet It Is.[/zephyr_chapter]

[zephyr_chapter number="5" title="TV Show: Gotham" bgimg="" bgcolor="#40cec9"]I'm a huge Batman nerd, so when I heard Fox was coming out with an origins show last fall I was skeptical. Thankfully, it is blowing me away. It's mostly centered on the origins of Detective Gordon and the villains like the Penguin, a pre-teen Catwoman, the Riddler, the Scarecrow and finally last week...the Joker. I don't know where they find these young actors to play these villains but they are super talented. Check out Cameron Monaghan's protrayal of Jerome aka Joker in the making...that laugh...ugh chills...someone studied Jack Nicholson! [/zephyr_chapter]




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