Five Fav Things Friday 5.15.15

[zephyr_dropcaps style="withbg" firstcolor="#333333" bgcolor=""]So remember in my last post I swore Friday would be here before we know it? Well sweet baby Jesus in a bucket's FRIDAY![/zephyr_dropcaps] But seriously, I meant to have another blog post up between Monday and today and happens, in a good way though. I went pretty hard this week planting a bunch of seeds of projects and opportunities that will hopefully (fingers crossed) blossom soon. But in the meantime, here's some fun stuff I found that contributed to this week flying by as fast as a bat outta Bruce Wayne's secret cave.

[zephyr_chapter number="1" title="Getting High...from Running" bgimg="" bgcolor="#40cec9"]This article introduced me to our naturally wonderful friends, the endocannabinoids. They are chemicals in our bodies that kick in when running for that elusive "runner's high". Sounds a little bit like cannabis right? Well it's basically our bodies' "naturally synthesized version of THC, the chemical responsible for the buzz that marijuana produces." Yes, running could lead to as great as  the high from a few puffs off that joint but is better for your lungs (and cheaper/more legal too). [/zephyr_chapter]

pic from Runner's World article

[zephyr_chapter number="2" title="Tim Ferriss Interview with Noah Kagan" bgimg="" bgcolor="#40cec9"]This episode of Tim Ferriss's podcast is sooooo good. Noah Kagan, who was #30 at Facebook, discusses his current favorite apps, hacks, books and movies with Tim. It's basically an awesome smorgasbord of ideas from two of the top names in the Silicon Valley/tech world. Get ready to push pause a lot, because I highly recommend taking notes when checking this one out. [/zephyr_chapter]

[zephyr_chapter number="3" title="Spicy Tahini Baked Kale Chips" bgimg="" bgcolor="#40cec9"]Alright, I know, I know: kale is for f*cking hipsters! Whatever, just try some kale chips and thank me later. Problem is, they get really expensive, so making my own has been a necessity lately. This recipe from Nicole over at Pumps & Iron is my fav.[/zephyr_chapter]


[zephyr_chapter number="4" title="The Atlantis Gene" bgimg="" bgcolor="#40cec9"]I haven't read a decent, fun, fast-paced fiction book in FOREVER. I found this gem on Kindle Unlimited and it's a mashup of James Bond meets DaVinci Code meets 12 Monkeys kind of vibe. I'm addicted and can't stop reading it, even though this genre is usually not my go-to for fiction. It's by A.G. Riddle who is also the author of "Departure" which I need to check out too.[/zephyr_chapter]

from the author's website

[zephyr_chapter number="5" title="Dear Pixie Cut...It's Not You, It's Me..." bgimg="" bgcolor="#40cec9"]I have been a self proclaimed Princess of the Pixie haircut on and off since highschool, but this longer shaggy cut I found on Pinterest won't leave my mind. It's still seems short enough so I think I'm growing out the pixie again. (Disclaimer: at any given point it is highly likely give up on this, especially with Summer quickly approaching.) [/zephyr_chapter]



Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Boom. 20 Down.

Boom. 20 Down.

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