How to Not Suck at Being Sick in the Brick of February

How to Not Suck at Being Sick in the Brick of February


I am not good at being sick. Let me explain...I am constantly on the go and multitasking, so when a bug or two knock me on my ass, I have a hard time dealing with it...aka I drive my husband insane complaining. I was fighting what seemed to be a nasty cold all week with a worsening sore throat from hell. Finally on Friday I did what I've been meaning to do for about five years now: find a decent primary care doctor. Luckily, I found a team of them less than a mile from our apartment. I was sent home with three prescriptions and a double whammy diagnosis of a severe sinus infection with an ear infection. Good times, and oh yea... I was told I should probably get my deviated septum corrected to help with my sinuses...aka a nose job. LOL! All this just in time for Valentines Day weekend.

The first genius thing my hubs did was distract me with something from my wish list. I had been obsessing over this Harney & Sons Green Tea with Coconut for a few weeks and thought I had to order it from Amazon, but Alan found it at our grocery store for $3 cheaper while I was in the doctor's office. Seriously folks: it's the little things.


Also while I'm on the coconut tip, coconut popsicles are lifesavers when you're sick with a sore throat. I couldn't actually taste the coconut, but that's ok. Also comfort food is a must. In my case it's Annie's Gluten Free Mac n Cheese, which I also couldn't taste but soft food was key. At this point, I would like to note that my paleo diet went out the window :(

I was totally couch-bound and I usually hate sitting in one place. I was so uncomfortable that napping was out of the question as well. It was time to catch up on shows I hadn't watched in months. I binged on Elementary (which is a highly underrated show IMO). Plus, Lucy Liu's outfits as Joan Watson are so ON POINT. I mean look at these below and also I'm hooked on this Pinterest board now too.

pic from The Brunnete One

It also occurred to me that I should probably attempt to read, so I went for something light. Rainn Wilson's autobiography "The Bassoon King" is hilarious and insightful. I'm still working on it, but I read 1/3 of it in one setting!

Last but not least, I dug through our LP collection and listened to these gems:

IMG_2676Left to Right:

Bill Laswell - "Basslines"

John McLaughlin, Dave Holland, John Surman, Stu Martin, Karl Berger ‎– "Where Fortune Smiles"

Hank Roberts - "Black Pastels"

How do you survive when you're super sick?


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