I Know it's not Thanksgiving but...

I Know it's not Thanksgiving but...

You know when you hear about something you should try or should be doing and then  suddenly you see/hear it everywhere? Your favorite podcast, your mom, and even Arnold Schwarzegger are all like "I started doing this one thing everyday and it changed my life." That's been happening to me lately with the concept of gratitude and keeping a gratitude journal. Basically the Universe was telling me to pull my head out of my ass, stop feeling sorry for myself, and count my blessings. I've also been learning the hard way that when Universe is trying to deliver me a message, I better damn well listen. Enter the Five-Minute Journal.

I first heard about the Five-Minute Journal on The Lively Show podcast when one of the authors, UJ Ramdas was the guest. It's basically a structured gratitude journal by Ramdas and Alex Ikonn. Each day consists of five topics broken down into a morning section and a night section. In the morning upon waking,  you write down three things you're grateful for, then three things that would make the day great and then daily affirmations. At night before going to sleep, you write down three amazing things that happened during the day and then answer the question of how you could have made the day better.

To some, this may sound cheesey or just plain too simple to make a difference. I had my doubts too at first, but after test driving it for a month, I'm definitely noticing some changes. I've noticed my perspective  has changed from looking at all the things in my life that I don't like, to actively looking for things throughout the day I can be grateful for and happy about. Asking myself what I can do to make the day great has started to add more intention and direction to my daily life.  I'm starting to see myself as having less of a victim attitude and be more proactive. I also like looking back a few weeks to see what I was thinking at that time and how it compares to today.

Even if you don't feel like springing the cash for the journal, I think just simply writing down a few things you're grateful for everyday has made a positive impact on my life. I found an old empty journal I had lying around and just started jotting down whatever came to mind on that day - no matter how big or small.  Below is a pic and an excerpt when breakfast burritos were my savior for some reason on that day ;)

I definitely recommend giving one of these options a try even if it's just for a week. It definitely can't hurt anything and literally takes only five minutes out of your day.

photo creds: infographic by Goldeneaglescoaching.com (please contact me if removal necessary), picture above taken by yours truly

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