#InspirApril Week 1

[zephyr_dropcaps style="withbg" firstcolor="#333333" bgcolor=""]Over in Instagram land, I'm having fun participating in the #InspirApril challenge.[/zephyr_dropcaps] It's being hosted by @cassyfry @helenthornber @amylovesblog @jenniferhamley  and @nikkiloymusic. I've really been enjoying making friends with other bloggers, mostly from the UK. Here's my postings for the first week with notes below. It's been such a fun way for me to explore and grow my creativity day by day.

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#InprirApril daily overview

Day 1 of #InspirApril : #YourStyle mine= black, (faux) leather,studs, graphic t's, more black, sneakers, and more black #ootd

Day 2 of #InspirApril : #favouritelyrics / #favoritelyrics (Yea had to put the American spelling in there) my fav lyrics ever are from #41 by the @davematthewsband "I will go in this way/And find my own way out" this song has been my anthem since age 12 and got me through some very shitty times. I made this stamped lyric sheet years ago to remind me that I will always have hope in myself

Day 3 of #InspirApril : #DaringDesign ~ I love this @ktagnyc shirt that says "Go F*ck Yourself" in French . Love all their fun designs. Wore this in the @djumc music vid for "You Won't See Me Again" too. #Ktag #DJUMC #vatefairefoutre

Day 4 of #InspirApril is #writeapoem ~ I'm a musician, not a lyricist and definitely not a poet. To me, poems are personal so here is a poem about a rough time I went through and an invisible force that helped me through it.

Day 5 of #InspirApril : #ArtYouOwn ~ so many colors in this triptych by Andrada Anghel! Look her up on Etsy! Beautiful work.

Day 6 of #InspirApril : #CreativeStylishSelfie ~ not my most stylish selfie in my snapback  lol but the buildings were stylish!

Day 7 of #InspirApril : #YourFavouritePlace / #YourFavoritePlace ~ My fav place is anywhere there are palm trees in sunny #California ! Repost from our honey moon at a stop in Palm Springs, CA


#InspirApril Week 2

Five Fav Things Friday the 13th! (3.13.15)