Inspiration: Crash

20140507-010531.jpgI felt really old the other day when I realized my favorite album turned 18. One of the first albums I went out and spent my hard earned allowance on (or probably stole from my brother's CD collection) is now old enough to buy cigarettes and Playboys. Sigh...they grow up so fast.

It's cheesy, but true for me: the album Crash by the Dave Matthews Band changed the course of my life. This is the album that made me want to play music. is my favorite album more symbolically than musically I guess you could say. This is the first group of songs that made me think "Hey, what's going on here?" and "I bet I could play this song if I wanted to learn."

No, the actual track, Crash, is not even my favorite on the album, although I'm sure since it was all over the radio it made me check out the album in the first place. The track, #41, is what enthralled me the most on the album. For whatever reason, that particular chord progression combined with Dave's whining, sad, and desperate lyrics got to me. I feel like there's always hope in that song: "I'm only this far and only tomorrow leads my way." I think the emotional content of the lyrics got me through some shitty times later in my teenage years too. Don't we all have that song? IMG_0191 I know people will scoff and roll their eyes at me when I say this album is my favorite of all time and think something like "Damn! Have you heard (insert any album here that is more technical, renowned, etc)???" The point for me in this case, is not who it is, but what it did to me in the first place: a piece of artwork that made me want to grow, to explore and learn from it. Something that initially made me ask "How?"

What about you? Is there a song or album that holds a special place emotionally or sentimentally because it drove you to learn music for the first time?

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Summer 2014 Bucket List

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