For the past few years I've been really getting into pedals. It's amazing how just getting a compression pedal, even a simple one, can enhance the sound of an instrument so much. I've been geeking out every time I meet a musician with something new or interesting in their setup. It's such a personal taste which can change regularly so I'm always asking musicians what their current preference is and trying to learn something new. Below is my current setup that I've been having a lot of fun with.


Pedal Board

A) Pedaltrain JR: At one point I had these pedals all zip tied in awesome neon colored ties from Home Depot... alas I lost most of them. I'm going to set up velcro on these one day. It’s on my rainy day to-do list.

B) T-Rex Engineering 9v Fuel Tank Junior: I love it because it’s nice and compact so I have more room for toys.

C) The Warden by Earthquaker: I’m super, super picky about compressors...I need a lot of options. This compression pedal has exactly that and Earthquaker describes each control in great detail.

D) EHX Stereo Electric Mistress: My go-to pedal when playing with the Rocket Queens. I can get it to sound just like Duff McKagan's signature chorus sound since it has a wide variety of customizable controls like Flange Range. I end up using this pedal mono a lot for my performances, but as the name suggests, it can used in stereo too for a nice blend.

E) EHX Bass Big Muff Pi: The classic distortion pedal made specifically for bass players. This edition ensures my low end doesn’t get lost on stage which can happen with a lot of other distortion pedals in my opinion. I can get my distortion nice and crunchy or just add some subtle growls. The “Bass Boost” gives even more extra low end “oomph”.

F) EHX Bass Micro Synthesizer: By far my favorite toy on my pedal board. I have lost hours getting sucked into a wormhole of figuring out endless synth sounds on this thing. It comes with illustrations of suggested settings which emulate everything from a Moog to the sound of a fretless bass. It also comes with some blank graphs of the pedal to record your own sounds. My favorite sound I've made is one I call “Space Duck” because I imagine a duck quacking away in a far corner of the galaxy when I use it.

What about you? Any favorite pedals? Whats on your board right now that you can’t live without?

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