Recently: September 2016

Recently: September 2016

pict0090I realize that the last post I made was in February...and I was also battling a major sinus infection like I am now...oops. I also recently crashed my site with the latest WordPress update and have it back up albeit super bare bones now but whatever... So hey there! How are ya? I had a good summer: lots of work, some play and a good getaway.

As for the getaway part: I have this theory that New Yorkers really should completely get out of the city at least twice a year. Take a "city detox" as I like to think of it. Almost three weekends ago, my hubs and I  made it a long weekend and took a mini vacation up in the Southern Adirondacks.

Our time was spent in a kitschy, quirky little cottage. We hiked, swam in a lake, used a row boat for the first time, built fires to roast s'mores on, spent plenty time in a hot tub and star gazed. Also, we took 2 trips to Walmart - one on the way in and one on the way out. (Important side note: there are NO Walmarts in Brooklyn and I'm from the Midwest, so when I see a Walmart I MUST GO.)

Our airbnb Adirondack Cottage

Even though we arrived on a Saturday afternoon, it wasn't until late Sunday evening when I finally felt myself relax and realized that yes, I was in fact, finally on vacation. I had intentionally wanted to avoid posting on social media as part of my "city detox". I usually would be Snapping-Instagramming-Facebooking my life away. Instead, I tried my best to unwind, let go and be in the moment. Meanwhile Alan was the one who was uncharacteristically running around snapping Poloroid pictures of everything from spiders to the antiques in the cabin to stately trees in the woods. Thinking back on it, it's ironic how our unintentional role-reversal actually seemed to serve each of us! I think it helped each of us stay in the moment in a different way other than how we would usually approach life. Here's a ton of pics (a lot by Alan) to give you a feel of the vibe there. I already want to go back so bad!

My attempt at being a pyro

We had wifi reception by the fire pit (no work allowed though!)

The hot tub outside was pure bliss after a day of hiking!

En route hiking to a lake.

Alan looking dead serious in the woods.

Enjoying the hike...

The hiking trail ended at beautiful Nine Corner Lake. I swam out to that beaver hut on the left.

Instead of the normal guest book, the owners have the visitors sign the walls and doors of the bathroom. Super cute!

PS - I promise my next post will be sooner than another 6 months!

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