Summer 2014 Bucket List

Summer 2014 Bucket List

20140512-225915.jpg Every summer here in Brooklyn comes and goes so fast. I always have these grand ideas of warm weather crap I want to do and before I know it, the leaves are falling and everyone's planning Halloween parties. Damn, even May is already going by fast! Therefore I have decided to actually draft up my (fun) to do list for this summer and will be hopefully be posting my reports here. So here we go:

1.) Go to a Dave Matthews Band concert (see previous post)

2.) Run the Take your Base 5K. Join me here!

3.) Go to a Mets vs. Cubs game at Citi Field in August (and try not to start a fight with a Mets fan).

4.) Go to a beach (anything with sand!) 5 times by Labor Day.

5.) Learn how to paddleboard.

6.) Learn how to do a yoga headstand.

7.)Try some kind of ghost hunting activity. I swear I'll post my "evidence" here lol.

8.) Make a galaxy shirt. Like the one found here.

9.) Have a "Margarita & Magazine" girls' afternoon on my roof. If you're reading this and are a female friend of mine, remind me to get this done this year! It's the adult version of hanging by the pool except there's no pool and plenty of tequila instead ;)

10.) Read 5 books. Nonfiction, fiction...anything. I need to lay off the Law & Order reruns on Netflix.

11.) Test drive a Mini Cooper. I really want one of these!

12.) Get my lotus tattoo that I say I'm going to get every year.

Ok, well at least I got something checked off already!


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