Summer 2015 Bucket List

Summer 2015 Bucket List


[zephyr_dropcaps style="withbg" firstcolor="#333333" bgcolor=""]Wow! It's summer![/zephyr_dropcaps] Just like last year, I've sat down to make a list of fun things I want to do this summer. I feel like I need to do these lists every year because summer just flies by. Always. Guaranteed. A few of these ideas are rollovers from last year that I never got to do but I still want to aim for them this summer. A few are repeats because I had so much fun doing them last year!

1. Picnic in Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

2. Learn how to paddleboard aka SUP. (rollover from last year!)

3. Visit the Tarot Society here in Bushwick and get a reading.

4. Learn how to do a yoga headstand. (rollover from last year, but I have started working on crow pose!)

5. Run the Brooklyn Cyclones Take Your Base 5k. (repeat because it's so fun!)

6. Go to a Dave Matthews Band concert because it defines the word "summer" for me. (repeat offender)

7. Go deep sea fishing.

8. Read 10 books.

9. Some kind of challenging, organizational themed, DIY project...I'm thinking this one or this one.

10. Get in plenty of beach time maybe even while the aforementioned handstand like the guy below ;) (repeat for life)

What's on your list?


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