Why I Run

IMG_0158I actually hated running until a few years ago. I would bawl in junior high when we had to run a mile in gym class. While I was attempting to run four miles the other day, this memory came up again and I had to laugh. Then I really got to thinking about how and why I ended up addicted to running.

Weirdly, the elliptical machines at my old shitty gym were to blame for my addiction. They were always taken, so one day I decided to try to run a mile while waiting for an elliptical. I failed...miserably! This brings me to:

Reason #1: It makes me push myself. I was so pissed that I could barely run for even a few minutes that it made me want to get in shape. I kept pushing until I could run a mile without stopping, then 20 minutes without stopping then a 5k (3 miles). This determination started spilling over into other areas of my life (ie music projects and even starting this blog).

Reason #2: It makes me a happier person. The endorphin rush that comes after a good run is amazing...like chocolate peanut butter ice cream amazing, but healthier ;). After the initial "runner's high", I'm way more clear-headed and cheerful throughout the day. On my run days, my hubs can definitely tell a difference. Another bonus: stress goes out the window.

Reason #3: It makes me appreciate my body. I really didn't appreciate the ability to run until I couldn't do it. I had a minor (but painful!) knee injury a year and a half ago that laid me up for a few months. I harassed my physical therapist to keep nudging up my treadmill speed in all our sessions. Now every time I run, I'm grateful I can still physically do it, even if it's really jogging half the time...lol.

Reason #4. It's free! (or at least stupid cheap) It's free to run outside year-round. After this insane winter though, I'm a treadmill bunny now since it's only $10 a month at Planet Fitness. Seriously, I casually spend $10 on a Starbucks trip for myself, so why the hell not spend it on getting healthy?

One last note. My mantra while running (especially after my fall last weekend) :P IMG_0159

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